The things you must see in New York City include all of its famous attractions and all of the cultural landmarks that have shaped New York into what it is today. New York City contains five boroughs surrounding the beautiful Hudson River, which connects the Atlantic Ocean to Manhattan Island. At its center is Manhattan, a densely urbanized borough which is among the world’s major commercial, cultural and financial centers. Its iconic landmarks include skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and sweeping parks like Central Park. Broadway theater is often staged in dazzling neon-lit Times Square.

New York City has a huge music scene with many venues for live entertainment. The best-known music venues are the New York Center theatre district on Madison Avenue and the Consolidated Studios in the West Village. Besides these, there are also other lesser known music venues that you should definitely be aware of. This includes spots like the downstairs Lounge Bar at New York University, the Mingle Room in the Bronx, the Cafe Louis Vuitton on Broadway, and the House of Blues in NYC’s Gramercy Park. Outside of the music scene, New York City also boasts of other tourist attractions like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Rockefeller Plaza, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Another great attraction in New York City is the Statue of Liberty. This monumental statue inspires so much of the identity and culture of America. A great place to begin your travel in New York is the Statue of Liberty. There is no other place in the entire world that can lay claim to having the Statue of Liberty as a permanent resident. Travelers from around the globe to fly to New York City just to pay their respects to this great American symbol.

Next on your must-see list in New York is the famous New York skyline. The Empire State Building, Fifth and Broadway, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are all popular places to take in at least a few minutes. All of these places are world famous and can easily be considered tourist destinations in their own rights. You will definitely want to add these places on your list of places to visit in New York when you travel to the city. To see New Yorks amazing skyline you can take the Staten Island Ferry from Battery park. In a blog post by Ashley Zaba about her trip to New York she has a great skyline photo.

One more place that you must see when visiting New York is the Empire State Building Experience. It has been called the tallest free standing structure in the world. At 7 hundred thirty-five feet tall, it is the tallest structure in the New York area and offers a truly unforgettable experience for anyone who visits the city. During the height of the building’s construction in 1931, many people died in a fire. Despite this tragic event, the building still stands today, to this day an iconic landmark in New York City.

Along with the Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge are other popular attractions in the New York City area. You can’t visit New York City and not include these popular attractions when visiting the city. They offer a variety of sights and sounds, as well as many attractions for visitors of all ages. No matter what age you are in, you can certainly find an attraction to interest you while visiting New York.

If you want to travel out of the city, there are also some things you must see out of the way, which include the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. These two attractions are considered to be the crown jewels of New York City. When seeing the Statue of Liberty, you should not miss out on checking out Ellis Island. This is one of the most popular sites for people to visit when visiting New York City.

There are plenty more places to see in New York City if you’re looking for something different. One of the most popular attractions of New York is the New York Aquarium, which you can also take a trip to. There’s so much to do and see in New York, but taking in the New York Aquarium by boat is definitely a unique and unforgettable experience. So don’t forget to check out this place when visiting New York.

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