• Working on the library

    Rising bright and early for our first day at the KYGN School, and it was time to get down to proper work. As I mentioned, the building itself was already up: more often than not, people looked surprised when I told them this was the case. But the simple fact is, the library building itself

  • The Fear

    I was sifting through my work e-mail the other day – yes it’s school holidays at the moment, but it all piles up – and, as is often the case with such things, allowed my mind to wander and indulge itself in looking through my old e-mails related to our recent Tanzania expedition. Most of

  • Arrival at KYGN – The Work Begins!

    The road from Moshi to Mabogini, site of the KYGN School, is long, winding and bumpy. This is nothing exceptional for Tanzania – certainly not in its most rural locations, anyway – but we were travelling in a minibus fitted with a roof rack that had all our baggage, equipment and supplies tenuously strapped to

  • And away we go…

    It’s arrived. It’s been two years in the making and, after many months of planning, fretting, box ticking, training, troubleshooting and all round hard work, it’s almost impossible to believe that it’s now actually happening. We are going to Tanzania: woop! Having a trip in the works for two years or more is nothing new,

  • Budapest – Hungary’s Bewitching Capital City

    Budapest is one of the grand cities of Europe, a place whose reputation for grand belle-of-the-ball architecture, all around the long and winding Danube river, precedes it. I visited here with my Eastern Europe-fixated friend a couple of years ago, and saw plenty that confirmed my pre-trip expectations that Budapest is, indeed, a bewitching place.

  • KYGN – At a glance Facts and Stats

    So I’m well in to blogging the story of our involvement with the KYGN School in Tanzania, and as I write this the date of our departure is a mere three weeks away. Exciting! I’ve covered in no small detail all aspects of our preparation for the trip, and have discussed KYGN too. But I

  • Zambia: On the Road, African style!

    If “life is a journey and not a destination”, as Ralph Waldo Emerson famously declared, then traveling is one of the very best examples of this maxim. You can also take Emerson’s words literally, and examine how your travel experiences are informed not just by the places you consciously visit, but the mode of transport

  • The Triathlon – II

    In the same way that the build up to Christmas seems like an awful lot of fuss for just one day, so did all the months of training and preparation for the triathlon I ran on Monday 30th May 2016 seem like it was all rather blown out of proportion for what amounts to less