• The Triathlon – I

    I’ve been in the travel blogging game long enough to start to become familiar with the memes that you often see with wizened words encouraging you to travel. One you’ll often come across is the well-worn phrase that ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone’; and it’s pretty obvious just what activity it

  • The Philippines – It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad Manila

    Ask your average visitor to the Philippines – heck, ask your average Filipino native – what their favourite place in the Philippines is and Manila sure wouldn’t feature very high on the list. The capital of the Philippines has a reputation for being a huge, traffic-choked, baking hot metropolis that is a place to arrive

  • Dealing with Culture Shock

    If you’re considering volunteering overseas but hesitating to commit, the chances are that one of the things bothering you is how you will adjust to a new job, new people, a new country and a new way of doing things on an everyday level. Of course, there’s a possibility that this humanitarian work overseas gig

  • Overcoming Setbacks

    As all travellers know, dealing with things not going to plan and learning from mistakes is all part and parcel of an overseas trip. So it also is when you’ve got a project to build a library on the go: you know that, at some point, something will probably go balls up, and you need

  • Hong Kong – The HK Walls Project

    When making travel plans, where you go isn’t the only important factor – when you go has a part to play as well. This could be for a variety of reasons, such as the weather, when people you know in the country might be available…or it could be that you want to coincide our visit

  • Hong Kong – Two Systems, One Country

    Hong Kong is a sprawling metropolis, organised with endless skyscrapers around its titular ‘fragrant harbour’. Having visited mainland China previously, I can confirm that Hong Kong certainly feels different, and not just because of the frequent bilingual signs. The legacy of British rule – ceded in 1997 – seems, in part, to remain in the

  • Liechtenstein – Microstate Quirks and Trivia

    The chances of there being someone reading this post with the customary warm ‘I’m from there!’ glow in their gut are about as small as…well, insert your own apposite comparison here. With an estimated population of approximately 37000 people, the whole country has less people within its borders than in my South Wales hometown of