Cusco and the Sacred Valley are unforgettable experiences for all travelers. A trip to Cusco will take you on a journey of beauty, intrigue, adventure, and mystery. The scenery is spectacular, the people are friendly, and the culture is interesting and inspiring. When you’re done with your Cusco adventure, what do you look forward to doing in the region?

The Sacred Valley lies to the south of Cusco at the southernmost tip of the Andean peninsula. The region is named after the legendary Incan queen who is said to have created it as her own private territory. In fact, according to Spanish legend, she sent her trusted warriors to explore the area and build for her an exquisite city. In the center of the Sacred Valley, Pisac stands proud and majestic, a citadel built hundreds of years ago that served as the capital of the Inca.

Cusco is filled with incredible sites that are a sight to behold. The region boasts a panoramic coastline that’s a tourist attraction even today. At the west end of Cusco’s coastline, Pisac stands taller than most of the surrounding towns and villages. It is also home to the best museums and monuments in the whole of South America. The beautiful coastline, beautiful waterfalls and impressive ruins make Pisac a perfect destination for a cruise.

The town of Cusco has more to offer tourists than just the awesome coastline and beautiful countryside. As you travel through the Andes Mountains, you’ll find amazing countryside and mountain villages. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll find many places where you can hike and camp. Cusco also boasts a number of fishing-related attractions. You can spot the rare white-tipped coral reefs and Maria Moraes octopus in the pristine waters of Cusco Bay, and many fishermen take advantage of this natural paradise.

As you tour Cusco, be sure to visit its historic center. You’ll find a multitude of temples here, including the Miracle Cathedral and Paseo de la Misericordia. If you want to experience ancient Cusco before you leave, you should consider staying at a Cusco villa or hotel that allows you to tour the city during your free time.

Your vacation in Cusco doesn’t have to involve pricey hotels or cruises. You can find all of the entertainment and amenities you need in the mountains, at your own home. Renting a rustic trailer and taking a hiking adventure into the wilderness can give you a much-needed rest and rejuvenation. The beauty and history of the region will stay with you long after you’ve returned home. You can visit again, and Cusco will always be worth visiting.