Are you looking for a list of fun and interesting things to do in Alabama? This place offers so much to the visitors. From the natural beauty to the magnificent attractions, Alabama is worth visiting. Below given are some interesting activities that you can do in Alabama.

You can enjoy a walk down the Buford Dam and admire the engineering marvels of the power production plant. This attraction is open for people who travel by car or can even use an airplane to get across the waters. An airplane trip can be a really exhilarating travel experience. So if you too want to travel by aircraft or even ship, it is best to make your reservations as early as possible.

If you are a traveler who loves to shop and have some extra budget, you can enjoy shopping in Tuscaloosa. There are many world class retail stores within a 500-mile radius of the main campus of the University of Alabama. You can also try some of the specialty stores in Tuscaloosa itself. These include Whole Foods, Acme, SunTrust bank, BP, Marshalls and Pier 1 Imports. The state capitol is also located in Tuscaloosa and this place provides some very exciting shopping experiences. A great tour guide will be able to assist you during your visit to the capitol building.

If you are a fan of adventure, there are plenty of thrilling things to do in Alabama. There are thrilling zip lining adventures, water rafting adventures, mountain biking adventures, and more. If you are looking for an out-of-the-world vacation, make a visit to Jasper National Park. The park has been rated as one of the most beautiful natural places in the world.

If you want to spend your vacation with people who share your interests, plan a vacation at Gulf Shores. Gulf Shores is considered to be one of the best resorts in the world. Its sandy beaches provide you with a very comfortable environment to spend your days. It is also ideal for families. The area has a world class golf course, a world class marina, various hotels, and dining places.

If you love being outdoors, then plan a vacation in Magnolia. Magnolia is the home of the largest tree in the United States. This beautiful tree stands 32 feet tall and is white, yellow and green. The tree was planted by the President of the United States and it provides a lot of greenery around the place. This is also the best place to go fishing.

If you love to fish, you can also enjoy a vacation at Mobile Bay. This is known to be the second largest bay in Alabama. This place is also very popular for its scuba diving spots. You can also enjoy a boat ride on the lake. You can also enjoy nature walks around the beach.

If you want to enjoy the best food in the world, you need to visit Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa has an active nightlife and has a lot of entertainment activities like sports bars and discos. You can enjoy your meals in restaurants. It also has several fine dining restaurants that offer mouth-watering food. This is the perfect place for lovers.

If you love history, you should visit Montgomery. This city was named after General William Montgomery, who was the military governor of Alabama during the early stages of the civil war. This place has some of the best historical buildings and monuments.

If you want to enjoy the scintillating beauty of nature, you should visit Gulf Shores. It is the site of the premier offshore oil rig. This region is also famous for scuba diving. You can spend a day or two enjoying the natural surroundings. This is also the best place for enjoying a vacation in paradise.

If you are a fan of the arts and music, you should go to Greenville. This city is known for musical styles ranging from country, jazz and gospel music. There are many things to do in Alabama and if you want to enjoy the best ones, you should visit these cities. They will surely make your vacation a great one.

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