Flagstaff is an enchanting town in the U.S. State of Arizona, bordered by majestic mountains, rocky desert and ponderous pine woods. It is a gateway to the mighty San Francisco Mountains, home to the state’s tallest mountain (H Humphrey’s Peak), and the Arizona Snowbowl Resort. A few minutes away is Wupatki National Monument, where Native American artifacts can be found. A little farther down is the Sangre de Granada, a World Heritage site that has remained protected even though it is no longer in use. All of these destinations make Flagstaff an enjoyable place to visit during a vacation in Arizona. Here are some things to do in Flagstaff on your Arizona vacation.

One of the best things about visiting Arizona is all the outdoor activities it provides. There are many places in Arizona to go hiking or horseback riding. If you enjoy these outdoor adventures, Flagstaff is the perfect town for you to visit. Pima County, the capital of Arizona, is the home of numerous national parks, including Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and the Arizona National Guard Museum. The county is served by an electric power plant, a television tower, a hospital, a casino and an airport.

Golf is an interesting sport in Arizona. The Flagstaff Golf and Country Club are only 7 miles from downtown Flagstaff. The club offers a variety of courses, as well as events like dog racing, barbecues and children’s events. You can enjoy a day playing golf at the Country Club before heading out to have lunch at one of the area’s fine restaurants. Afternoon tea may also be offered.

Hiking tours are another great way to enjoy your Arizona vacation. The San Isabel National Monument, near Maradonia, is the place you want to visit if you are looking for some old-fashioned adventure. It is a major historic site, where the Spanish explorers made their home more than a century ago. The trails will take you through canyons and forests, with the occasional cave. The area is also known for its cactus fields. The San Isabel canyon is the largest natural canyon in the world, stretching for more than seven miles.

Another great attraction is the Hopi Native American Cultural Center, which is on the reservation of the Hopi Indians. If you are an art lover, this is a very exciting place to visit while on vacation in Arizona. The Hopi Cultural Center features exhibits and reports that will interest everyone. Among the things you can find here are paintings, rock art and stone carvings. There is even a craft workshop.

You should not miss a visit to the Grand Canyon, especially the western rim, the highest point in Arizona. The rim has a staggering 2.6 miles of falls. In this region, you will find a spectacular variety of landscapes: cliffs and mesas, deserts, forests, lakes and rivers. You will find a lot of interesting things to do in Flagstaff, but the falls are the best attraction.

Flagstaff has plenty more attractions, too, such as its famous shopping center and its fine restaurants. The town is popular for its excellent dining, music and arts. The shops are decorated with exquisite fabrics and antique knickknacks. For souvenirs, you can purchase unique items that are only found in Flagstaff. Your vacation in Flagstaff will surely be an unforgettable experience for you and your family.

To make your vacation even more memorable, you should consider having a guided tour of the entire canyon. You can bring your camera with you to capture the sights and sounds of the marvelous canyon. If you love hiking, you can rent some equipment and go hiking around the canyon. If you like water activities, you can take part in the Flagstaff Saltwater Lagoon or try your luck diving in the Sea of Cortez. All these things to do in Flagstaff will surely make your Arizona vacation worthwhile.

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