Travel to Transylvania, a land of medieval castles and magnificent forests, laden with ancient history and beauty. Travel to Transylvania and admire the magnificent mountains in the mountains surrounding the region. See the beautiful villages that surround the region. Feel the energy of these villages as you go deep into their villages and experience the wonderful atmosphere. Travel to Transylvania and feel the tradition, the beauty and the history spread out before your eyes.

Transylvania is rich in historical cities like those in the Pale of Settlement. Some of the most popular cities in this region are Dracula castle, Croyagnon, Sintra, Monmouth, Mistral, Mauken, and lots more. You will find some ancient cities have preserved their original character. Here are some of the top most attractive cities in this region, which are worth visiting.

Monmouth. A beautiful seaside town, Monmouth city is a great place to see in a single trip. The main attractions to see in this city include its museums, architectural buildings, medieval cathedrals and churches, and the spectacular cliffs. You can also travel to this city through Transylvania travel, which helps you get to all the important destinations in the region.

Dracula castle. This castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Transylvania. It is a beautiful castle, built in the time when Transylvania was under the rule of Dracula. It is located near Ondabilla in Lupanino.

Sintra. Sintra is one of the most attractive towns in Transylvania. There are plenty of exciting attractions in this region and one of them is the castle in the hillside. In addition to that, there are plenty of historical places, beautiful towns nearby and lots of famous wine producers.

Ciprianino. This is a beautiful Roman town. It has many museums, monuments, classical buildings and also the world-famous Piazza del Popolo. The beautiful church of Santa Maria Novella is an attraction for those people who like to enjoy the night life in a festival atmosphere. The towns nearby are also rich in history and culture.

Bitburg. It is located on the border between Germany and Poland. This area is surrounded by woods and there are lots of wonderful hiking routes and good springs here. The best part is that this area is protected and is considered as nature reserve land. Besides, you can also enjoy the great river cruises in this area around the time of summer.

Bitburg is also an attractive tourist spot for those people who love to fish and the sea around them. If you are thinking about skiing in the mountains near Transylvania then you should visit Kutniska. There you can enjoy skiing in the Tatra Mountains. It is a unique experience which you will never forget. There are plenty of other activities to enjoy in this region such as cycling, mountain climbing and a lot more.

Dobrinisht. This region is known for its massive ice peaks. It has a beautiful landscape and there are many tourists who visit this place. You can also find some excellent holiday homes here and rent them when you travel to Transylvania region of Romania.

Dobrinisht is a great place for skiing in the mountains. You can find some excellent resorts here. There are lots of international visitors who come to Transylvania every year. If you are planning to spend your vacations in this beautiful region, you should plan in advance. Make sure that you have all the right luggage and other things needed to make your vacations comfortable.

As a tourist you should know what to do when in Dobrinisht. You can visit the Roman Forum and find the preserved monuments of this city. Some tourists also find it interesting to find out how the early Christians built their church. You can also find a good shopping mall here. It is very interesting and you will find many different types of goods in the mall.

Some of the most popular tourist destinations in Transylvania region are Cosco Romanilor, Dobrinisht, Rogachevsky and Sofia City. These cities are home to different popular tourist attractions. They also have some great historical sites and ruins, which you can visit. This region has some of the finest examples of medieval art.