My Travel Bucket List is about bucket lists in general. Specifically, it is a list of destinations that I have visited and explored during my travels around the world. Bucket lists are fun and it gives you a sense of adventure when you are going on a trip for the first time. There is always something exciting to do when going to a new place. Plus, there is something interesting about traveling on your own and getting away from everything else.

My travel bucket list started with my friend Karen, who wanted to share her experiences with me. She has been on three different bucket lists so far and loves going to new places and exploring new things. She wanted to share with me what the best places to visit were. One of her top recommendations was to go on a road trip through Australia. What a great idea because there are so many amazing landscapes and views in Australia.

My travel bucket list also included a trip to Glacier National Park in Montana. This is a great park to explore and it offers some beautiful views of the mountains. It also has a huge amount of wildlife to see and to experience. It is one of the most popular destinations for hiking in the country.

The second item on the list that went on my bucket list was a safari in Sri Lanka. There are several national parks in Sri Lanka and this is the perfect destination for a safari. In addition, there are a lot of mountains to climb and many different cultures to experience. Visiting the coconut forests in the country is something I will always remember and recommend to anyone thinking about going on a safari in Sri Lanka.

The third item on the list that took me a while to put together was visiting the incredible volcano in Alaska. I did not want to miss this trip because it is so incredible. There is no other place like Denali National Park to experience such an epic view. I talked a lot about the views from the volcano and how I wanted to spend my vacation just looking at the amazing landscape and not doing anything else. I had a blast with my trip and ended up taking a couple of months off of work and not having to think about my bucket list again.

My travel bucket list for Australia consisted mainly of the Great Barrier Reef and Victoria. I had already been to Thailand and seen the incredible Phuket beach. I knew that going to Australia and spending a month or two around this wonderful location would be fantastic. When I did finally make my trip I had already packed my bags and it took me a few days before I was actually able to get on the plane. I cannot recommend visiting any of the above three places enough.

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