Hopefully you have been enjoying your meals and are now ready to leave your table and make your way to the cashier. When in Switzerland, you will almost certainly do just that. Unless, of course, you have been living under a rock or in a cave for the last few years. As we write this article, millions of people all around the world are tipping their servers and waiters. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be like that any more.


When tipping in Switzerland, just make sure that you are tipping the right person. That person is the one who is actually doing the valuable work. So, to begin, you can choose to tip your servers by the meal, a bottle of wine, or a bouquet of flowers. It really depends on your mood and the personality of the waiter or waitress. But keep these things in mind:

Tip number one is to keep the noise down. If the server is talking on the cell phone or using the computer then stop what you are doing and politely ask them to put it away. Cell phones are notorious for making a lot of noise, especially when ringing or beeping. If the server ignores you or does not return your call, then skip that restaurant.

Tip number two is to recognize that servers are people too. Some of them are going to be easier to get along with than others. You may have trouble tipping some servers because they just do not show you any attention. Try to focus your attention on a particular server instead.

Thirdly, you should know when to take your tip. When you feel as though the food is a little boring or that the service is lousy. Or, when you notice that something is missing from your meal order. These are times that you can usually leave a little tip on a restaurant. These servers know how to handle tips well.

Lastly, servers who do not deliver good service have no business being around. Do not give them any slack. If you want to be a happy server, treat your customers like they are. Treat them with respect and they will return the favor. A smile is a powerful thing.

Some servers will even leave tips if they are happy with the service. Just do not count on it. The majority of servers are working hard to make tips happen. They will not expect anything for free. Asking for a small tip is perfectly acceptable.

How much should you tip in Swiss restaurants is up to you. Just remember that tipping is an etiquette that is expected in this type of restaurant. You will be expected to make small tips, but they should be made in a generous manner. Do not feel bad about leaving a little more than the minimum if you are satisfied with the service. It is your money, so make sure that you keep it.

There are some servers who will put tips in mint condition. They will do everything they can to make tips happen. Do not let these types of servers into your establishment. They will take your tips for granted and they will not return the favor. You should always have to earn them first.

When you are waiting for a table, do not go by the staff’s recommendation. They are only making their commission from the food and beverage business. If you like what you see, make your own mind up. If you do not, then thank them for their time, and you might offer them a better tip.

Make sure that you have money left in your pocket before you leave. If you have enough money to make your gratuities, do not let anyone else take that money. This is one of the reasons why servers tend to earn less than customers. You might be tempted to make an additional tip when the other person leaves, but this will just make the server wait longer to get the tip.

On average, most servers make between two and ten percent of the total bill. Of course you will have to figure in the cost of drinks and extra foods that were ordered. However, if the bill includes only a few dollars for everything, make sure you have enough to make up the difference. Do not take a tip that is too small because you will feel bad about it later. Do not be afraid to make larger tips especially for good servers. You might feel guilty later but remember that you are leaving the business and that the employees deserve a little bit of extra tip money.