China is the most diverse country in the world. You can be at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, shopping in Sydney or hanging out in Beijing. There’s no shortage of things to do and places to see. Why not travel to China for a week and see everything there is to see? This article will give you an idea of what to expect when travelling to China. It’s not all about the big cities, though, there are some fantastic small towns hidden amongst the mountains and valleys.

The Great Wall of China is a unique and fascinating tourist site. The wall stretches for many miles along the border of the Szechwan Province and North China. Its purpose was to guard against the Huns who were approaching from the north. It’s a must-see and travel to this part of China should not be missed.

Shanghai is the new sensation on the travel circuit. Once the manufacturing heart of China, Shanghai has been transformed into a modern metropolis with lots of action and excitement. Shanghai is home to some fabulous nightclubs and bars, but they’re not the sort you would normally associate with Chinese culture. You’ll see Western pubs and restaurants where locals dine and drink. And there’s also a huge amount of money to be made – some estimate it at somewhere between ten and thirty billion dollars a year!

Beijing, capital of China, is one of the most important cities in the country and is a great place to begin your journey to China. You can begin your trip to Beijing by taking a train, which you can get around the city using the metro, bus or taxi. There are lots of trains leaving from the major Chinese cities daily and you can take a tour of them – the best days to travel to Beijing are Christmas and New Year’s.

A visit to Shanghai will give you plenty of opportunities to travel around the city. The metro system covers Shanghai very well, so if you don’t want to spend time wandering around you can use the train. The bus is another good option, as it will give you more flexibility regarding where and when to travel. Buses are quite cheap and a great way to see more of China.

If you really want to see the great wall, make sure you do it early in the morning. It’s a well-guarded city and you won’t usually find any tourists unless you specifically look for them. There are small tourist areas along the wall that will offer some insight into the traditional Chinese life. Don’t enter the wall until late in the morning or the day will be too hot for you – a common mistake made by foreign tourists.

A trip to Shanghai will allow you to visit some other fantastic sites too. If you have some time to spare, don’t forget to stop by Beijing and see the Great Wall – it’s worth seeing in any season. You may even get a chance to watch the spectacular firework display that occurs on the night before the Chinese New Year.

You should also consider the experience of getting from city to city. If you take the local buses, there is a great opportunity to save money. If you use the taxis or trains, you won’t enjoy your trip to the fullest.

The best time to visit the Great Wall of China is autumn. That’s when the weather is at its most beautiful. Traveling during the cooler months can add to your cost, but it will be cheaper than visiting during the hot summer months. You can also take advantage of the lunar New Year which falls during April, when many local festivals and activities are taking place. The best time to visit China during this time is to book flights to Shanghai and Beijing and then take a rail or plane journey to their respective capital cities.

Spring, of course, is the time to visit China again and have the best time of the year in any part of the country. Traveling to Shanghai or Beijing during the late spring will give you an impressive and unforgettable experience. There are numerous things to do in these cities and even a short train ride across the deserts of China will be a memorable experience.

In summer, it is best to visit the winter Wall. It is located in northern China and is almost 3000 kilometers long. It is one of the largest and most difficult works of art ever created by humans. To see it for yourself is truly an incredible experience.