When choosing the perfect summer dress, the first thing to do is to set aside your idea of what the perfect one looks like. Instead, you should look for a dress that fits your body’s shape and feels comfortable now. It’s best to stay away from too much clothing, because more layers can protect you from the heat but they shouldn’t be clingy. Light, natural fabrics, short sleeved dresses, and midi-lengths are your best bets.

Shirts and blouses

During the summer, shirts and blouses should be lightweight and airy. Linen is a summer staple. It is a natural fabric, made from flax fibers that the ancient Egyptians used as currency. It has many tiny air holes, so it keeps you cool, but it also allows for more playfulness. If you are into the preppy look, you may want to invest in a linen long sleeve top in a wash-out colour.

Shirts and blouses with ruffled sleeves are a good choice for warm-weather days. Chiffon material is lightweight and breezy, and the ruffles allow your arms to breathe. Try this square-neck blouse from Allegra K. It comes in 19 different floral prints and a wide range of colors and sizes. Whether you choose one with a collar or a V-neck, this piece is a classic summer staple.

Headwear – caps and bandanas

If you are wearing a summer dress, a cap or bandana may look perfect. Many of these headwear options are unisex, which means they look great on men and women. You may even find one that matches your dress and compliments your hairstyle. Headwear is an excellent way to make your look complete. Here are some tips for choosing the right headwear for you.

Flat hats are most flattering with a more casual look, but can still give your outfit a sophisticated classic look. Flat caps, for instance, are most common and have many offshoots. A square bandana can be tied in numerous ways. Many bandanas are around 20 inches square, but larger bandanas are easier to tie and allow for more styling options.

Shorts and skirts

During the summer, skirts and shorts are a must-have for your wardrobe. They’re not just for working out, but they can also be worn by day to chill at home. Many skorts have pockets, which makes them convenient to carry IDs and phones. A skirt can also look chic with a bandeau top or a T-shirt. Whatever you wear this summer, make sure it’s fun and flirty!

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to say goodbye to your leg prisons and your pants. Skirts and shorts can keep you cool and look stylish, not to mention that there are so many to choose from! And if you’re not sure which one to buy, try Gina Tricot’s summer shop. Her shop features lovely colours, cool quality fabrics, and a variety of summery styles.


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