About Me


Hi there! My name’s Joe, and I’m a keen traveller, particularly interested in travel volunteering and humanitarian work. I’ve set up this blog to document the ongoing project I’m involved in to support a remarkable School in Tanzania, review travel writing books, sound off on all things travel (volunteer-based and otherwise), and, of course, share with you my experiences of the 30-ish countries I’ve visited (and counting).

I’m originally from Wales and live and work in London, perpetually failing to keep up with my ever-expanding travel bucket list. A few of my most memorable travel moments include teaching a class of approximately 60 Ugandan schoolchildren to sing Yellow Submarine, getting thrown off a stroppy camel in India’s Great Thar Desert, rescuing a baby’s milk bottle from a crocodile-filled lake in Australia’s Kakadu National Park and, of course, building a library in Moshi, Tanzania.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Travels to you!